[Review] NUVO.

smoked uni carbonara

Having taken over the reins of the NUVO kitchen - located in Marina Square Shopping Mall - in January this year, Chef Mark Richards has introduced new innovative items, such as this Smoked Uni Cabonara ($38)which proved to be pasta cabonara on steroids - intensely rich and creamy and crowned with a decadent dusting of truffle crumbs. This unusual fusion of Japanese and Italian influences is prevalent throughout the menu. When asked why Japanese-Italian, Chef Mark honestly replies, “Locals love Japanese food and Italian food. So why not create dishes with both influences?”

Fair enough. But how harmonious is this East-West marriage? We had the opportunity to find out for ourselves.

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[Review] Tippling Club’s new cocktail menu.

jersey lightning

We’ve dropped by Tippling Club a number of times - once to try bartender Yugnes Susela’s cocktail creation the Last Chance Gary as part of the Diageo World Class competition, and another to witness the launch of chef-owner Ryan Clift’s own exclusive series of chef and steak knives - but we’ve never really sat down to try the cocktails at their bar or attempt its restaurant’s famed food-and-drinking pairings.

But when we heard they got a new head bartender in, we knew we were due for a visit.

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[Recipe] Bal Arneson’s No-Butter Chicken.

bal arneson

Vancouver, Canada-based celebrity chef Bal Arneson was recently in town to promote her cooking shows Spice of Life with Bal Arneson and Spice Goddess on Asian Food Channel (AFC) as part of a whirlwind tour to Southeast Asia. We managed to catch the spice goddess herself at a cooking demonstration where she showed us how to prepare a few of the recipes that we’d be seeing in her shows.

Arneson, who moved to Canada over 20 years ago from Punjab, India, started her celebrity culinary journey when she began hosting a weekly cooking segment broadcast on Global Television in British Columbia in 2009. In 2010, her cooking series Spice Goddess would premiere on the Cooking Channel in the United States and the Food Network in Canada, which was nominated for a James Beard Award in 2011. 

She is also author of the best-selling cookbooks “Everyday Indian" and "Bal’s Quick and Healthy Indian”, and recently launched her third, “Bal’s Spice Kitchen”.

Here’s her recipe for a butterless No-Butter Chicken, one of the most searched for recipes online.

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Labyrinth - entering the lair of a twisted culinary genius.

fish & chip beer

When it arrived the dish looked nothing like what it sounded like nor meant to resemble: fish and chips. Instead it seemed as though someone had eaten that ubiquitous pub favourite for dinner and followed it with far too many pints, and then regurgitating the whole lot - like a pale Eton Mess - into a martini glass.

And it tasted glorious. 

Welcome to the restaurant Labyrinth, a dark cavern cum experimental culinary laboratory in which a twisted genius resides.

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Summery Iced Coffee Recipes From Nespresso.

Iced Caramel

I love my Nespresso machine to bits, but one of its biggest downsides is that you can’t make cold beverages with it. Unlike its ironically cheaper Dolce Gusto cousins where you can select a cold brew option using capsule variants such as Cappucino Ice, Nespresso machines only churn out a hot shot of either an espresso or a lungo.

But with a little creativity, you can still concoct your own ice cold coffee drinks. The folks at Nespresso have kindly shared the following three recipes to give us an idea of how we can come up with a coffee-based mocktail or cocktail using a shot or two of Nespresso coffee.

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[Recipe] Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef.


Some of you may know that I’ve been on a Korean food craze recently, thanks to Maangchi - a funny Korean lady who’s famous for her Youtube video recipe demonstrations. I’ve attempted several of her recipes to much success, including kimchi! And now with my Thermos® Shuttle Chef eliminating the pain of having to watch the stove like a hawk, there was no reason not to make samgyetang, a comforting ginseng chicken soup that requires a couple of hours of simmering time. 

I modified Maangchi’s recipe by adding a bottle of essence of chicken that’s been lying around in the pantry for a couple of months. Essence of chicken is kind of like the Asian version of Red Bull - kids down it neat before school examinations because it apparently keeps them alert. But unlike the chemical-laden Red Bull, essence of chicken is supposedly 100% au naturel. The flavour is a little fishy and herbal - a taste that neither Daniel nor I have acquired (hence the untouched bottle) - but becomes a lot more palatable when diluted in soups.  

Using a lean chicken is best for this recipe - try a kampung or sakura chicken. If using a “normal” chicken, you may want to remove the skin as the fat makes the soup overly greasy.

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[Review] Morsels.

Octopus & Squid Ink Risotto

Located in a backstreet surrounded by construction work in the Little India area, it’s unlikely you’d ever stumble upon Morsels unless you were looking specifically for it. To get there, I walked past the dinghy Sim Lim Tower and a Hotel 81 (which is infamous for offering hourly rates - if you get my drift), and down a dark, quiet street. Even with the address in hand, you could easily miss this nondescript shophouse.  

It’s a good thing then, that Morsels has already built up quite a reputation and large following for its take on fusion food. Serving “small plates” a la tapas-style dining, this Singaporean-owned restaurant offers a unique cuisine of its own, with influences from everywhere.

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